About Iwacu Dignity Home Care 

It is an idea of Steven MUNYEJABO for helping Rwandans after spending remarkable time in nursing care in Canada, New Brunswick.

He thought of something that could help old people living with frailty within the Rwandan community either abroad or in Rwanda. He came up with this big idea of providing best home care services to old mothers and fathers wishing to return in their homeland and those already in Rwanda but need a more comfortable home with professional and well trained home carers.

Why we are in Rwanda?

We are here for you

Reality: We all know that the world is getting complex economically and Rwandans are professionally travelling for their careers. This triggers their absence to their cherished old-aged parents living with frailty who have entered in the time of needing them; It is so bad to leave behind a sick friend / relative for the job that can provide for both of you; that is why you need good hands and home for the Sick persons within the families; People with Chronic illness and disabilities need special attention and careers.

We offer more than these services:

  • Mental Health care
  • Providing healthy foods
  • Patients to Doctors Connection
  • Patient follow up care
  • Memory Living Care
  • Living Long Term Care